Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for January 2017

Horoscopes 2017

By PsychicDeb 

Aries – Uranus in your 1st house – an authority figure is watching you. Follow rules and regulations; don’t attempt to cut corners. Now is the time to enhance your reputation for reliability and efficiency. Leave frills for another time. You’ll be well-rewarded. Number 4 brings luck.

Taurus – Ruling planet in your 11th house – a social event finds your center of attention. Someone who can help with your career is on the scene and will appreciate your quest for learning and ability to laugh at troubles. Dress for success; you’ll be among prestigiuos people. Sagittarius plays an important role.

Gemini – Ruling planet in your 8th house – a message from afar lets you know that a relative is thinking of you. Special honors are coming your way; be sure to give credit to someone who taught you in the past. This month is perfect for family or group involvement, not for going it alone. Your lucky number is 2.

Cancer – Saturn in your 6th house – this month’s emphasis is on love, romance, and new enterprise. Join with a Leo on a creative project; this could lead to something much more exciting than you supposed. People notice you wherever you go this month – dress in bright, bold colors. The luck number is 1.

Leo – Ruling planet in your 6th house – help comes from behind the scenes in business or a financial manner. Someone of great integrity is on your side and will share secrets of success with you. Be willing to take on the extra duties, even if long-range in nature. Watch number 8.

Virgo – Neptune in your 7th house – a mystery can be solved if you dig deep for information. The answers lie within your own heart, not outside yourself. Take time to listen to music and appreciate art and beauty. Someone in your romantic fantasies could knock on your door. Number 7 is your best bet.

Libra – Jupiter in your 1st house – you have the potential to broaden your horizons. Finish off a job that is petty in scope and aim for bigger goals. A communication about healing or emotional problems is on the agenda. You’ll uplift others with your message and good example. The lucky number is 9.

Scorpio – Mars in your 5th house – be ready to change plans mid-stream. An exciting trip is offered to you; the chance to add to your store of learning and expressing yourself is part of the plan. Open lines of communication; say yes before an opportunity vanishes. Romance is involved. Count on number 5.

Sagittarius – Saturn in your 1st house – someone of the opposite sex provides an exciting break from dreary activities. Remain flexible in your desires; you won’t really know what you want until it is suggested. A social event, new friends and much conversation is promised. Spend time with a Gemini.

Capricorn – Pluto in your 1st house – an initial feeling of gloom dissipates as the day progresses. You’ll see new opportunities and can rise above former limitations. A personal appearance is on the agenda; you reach a mass audience. A generous humanitarian gesture pays off. Aries plays a key role.

Aquarius – Saturn in your 11th house – this months accent is on family and community affairs. Be willing to play the role of master diplomat. Lavish entertainment could be spoiled by warring factions unless you step in and settle issues. Taurus wants to dominate, but will listen to reason. Number 6 brings luck.

Pisces – Venus conjunct Neptune in the 1st house – an aura of secrecy surrounds your personal affairs. You’ll be told the inside story of someone close to your heart. Be compassionate, even if details go against your ideals. You can inspire another person now through your insight into problems. A Pisces is helpful.

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