Horoscopes By PsychicDeb for March 2018


Aries – Mercury in your 1st house. New feelings of self-worth are generated by contact with a fiery type. You’ll come to life and realize the value of love in your existence. Dress sharply, wear bold colors, and be willing to stand out in a crowd. A romantic drama is about to unfold.

Taurus – Venus in your 12th house – a secret meeting involves much talk, action and possibly a transformation of your views. Someone who is researching a special area wants to share information. Listen and be encouraging; romance can develop if you pay attention.

Gemini – Mercury in your 11th house. A party mood surrounds you. You’ll be restless, happy-go-lucky, and a trifle careless about details. Membership in a group or organization sets the stage for a joyful adventure. Romance is light-hearted, not serious.

Cancer – Saturn opposite your natal Sun. You don’t have to push so hard this month. Sit back; enjoy what you already own to the fullest. Show appreciation to a close relative who drops by. Memories of old times seem especially sweet and valuable. A tour of an old area brings pleasure.

Leo – Ruling planet in your 8th house. You surge into the high lunar cycle, enabling you to express yourself in an inspiring way. Focus on your interest in mysticism, occult or other spiritual studies. Knowledge you have gained can be shared with one who is presently downcast.

Virgo – Ruling planet in your 8th house. This month’s accent is on family and domestic adjustments. A loved one who feels undue limitations will confess impatience. It’s up to you to play the master diplomat. You’ll see the way to bring balance to the situation with a special, loving gift. Ask Libra for advice.

Libra – Ruling planet in your 7th house. This month finds you in a leadership role, providing common-sense answers to tense situations. A partner, mate or associate turns to you for strength and encouragement. Differences of opinion fade away as you take charge. Capricorn and Cancer play roles.

Scorpio – Jupiter in your 1st house. This month’s accent is on communication; e-mails and phone calls have piled up, waiting for your attention. Take time to do a thorough job with paperwork. Read a contract shrewdly; don’t take anything for granted. Follow rules and regulations.

Sagittarius – Ruling planet in your 12th house. You’ll see how to present an old product in a new package. This puts you in one top spot for a step upwards in life. Romance takes place in glamorous surroundings where people with money gather. A Leo pays you a big compliment.

Capricorn – Ruling planet in your 1st house. Don’t be impatient for rewards from a recent career move. Money is on its way. Meanwhile relax; spend more time with old friends and family members. You’ll gain a feeling of security that’s so needed right now. Cancer and Capricorn people make you feel comfortable this month.

Aquarius – Ruling planet in your 3rd house. Energies may be scattered; try to finish one thing before you start another. Many errands in your local neighborhood could waste your time unless you plan ahead. A cheerful attitude will make you popular with daily associates. A Sagittarian plays a key role.

Pisces – Ruling planet in your 1st house. It’s time to settle down and make a decision about your future direction. Organize your thoughts; make lists and schedules. It’s possible you recently overlooked the birthday or anniversary of a pal. Make amends; you’ve been strung out lately. Leo plays a key role.

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