Horoscopes By PsychicDeb For November 2018

Aries – A major transaction can be made. An important person visits your home, gives you the stamp of approval, and leaves you with a stronger belief in yourself. Be prepared to use past experience in a drive for money or success. Capricorn plays a key role.
Taurus – A love relationship is not coming to an end; it’s merely moving to a new level. You’ll make major adjustments in your emotions. The greatest lesson to learn is to shed jealousy and possessiveness. Discover new areas of mutual interest and growth.
Gemini – This month’s accent is on fun, adventure, a new lease on life. Someone is strongly involved and want to take you places, especially where you’ll encounter new faces and fresh scenery. A theater trip may be on the agenda; a dramatic Leo type will be the center of attention.
Cancer – Service to others is highlighted. Your special talent can be used to encourage or inspire those just starting out in life. A sentimental glance at the past shows you how to make the most of your present opportunities. Family members help out.  
Leo – You’ll feel like a non-conformist at work this month. You’ll want to make your own rules. Others are likely to be more amused than annoyed by your statements. Don’t push your luck too far, however. Know when to stop. A Gemini is in the picture. 
Virgo – Your partner, mate or associate expects much from you. You may feel limited, restricted, and hemmed in by a need to deal with details. Consider this a challenge; you’ll gain self-esteem and satisfaction from your ability to stick to a job.
Libra – You attract change, travel, variety. Someone issues a surprise invitation and wants you to attend a social event. Be flexible; you’ll deal with a large group of people, learn fascinating facts, and enjoy a romantic interlude. Pay attention to a Gemini. 
Scorpio – Money that was owed to you arrives in the nick of time. A luxury item you desire can be purchased and will bring pleasure to your family as well as yourself. This month is likely to be sentimental, affectionate, and set in a domestic background.
Sagittarius – Steer clear of a financial deal that seems too good to be true. It probably is! Accent spiritual values rather than worldly concerns. Watch a tendency to view someone of the opposite sex through rose-colored glasses. Virgo and Pisces are good company.  
Capricorn – You’ll shake hands on an excellent business deal. Preference will be given to you over competitors because of an old friendship. Enjoy exploring mutual interests with one who can pull strings for you in your career. You’re on the way up!     
Aquarius – “Love for all” should be your motto this month. Don’t exclude anyone who appeals to you for help or wants to be part of a high-level celebration. In-laws or people from afar are part of this month’s dynamic picture. You’ll rise above petty matters. Aries plays a key role.   
Pisces – A new direction involves travel, higher learning, and expanding horizons. Be yourself – you’ll feel more independent, vital, and courageous. A Leo type believes in you and will announce it to the world. Nothing can stop you!   
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