6 Cats, Dogs That Will Make Your Family Complete

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Everyone’s talking about how cold it is outside, and one sure-fire way to stay warm during these cold winter months it to snuggle up with a furry friend. Read all about adopting some of Long Island’s cuddliest companions right here!

Maximus. Photo by Ellen Dunn.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

Maximus (reference #IR913) is a two-year-old Shepherd mix who was recently rescued from the Cayman Islands. He’s a staff favorite and a stand-out with his exotic looks.   Maximus needs to be in a home with lots of space to run around and with owners who have previous experience with a large, energetic, young dog. If you’re interested in meeting Mr. Maximus, please email Rosie at [email protected]

Rocky 1
rocky. Photo by Ellen Dunn

Rocky (reference #V36016) is a two-year-old Hound mix rescued from Virginia. He’s everything you love about a hound: boisterous, goofy, playful, with a hearty bark and howl. He’d do best in a home with a yard to play in and with a family that has older children and experience handling large breeds. If you’d like to learn more about Rocky, email Rosie at [email protected]


Feast your eyes on this sleek senior named Shadow. He (reference #MA2024) is an 11-year-old long-haired beauty living in North Shore Animal League America’s Adoption Center while he awaits a fresh start in a new home, ideally a family with older children. He’s shy at first but warms up quickly. 

He loves to play with catnip toys and turbo scratchers…but only when he’s not begging you for treats. Shadow is being treated for hyperthyroidism with medication; this condition is covered through NSALA’s accredited Medical Center for the rest of his life.  To adopt Shadow, email [email protected] today!

Available for adoption through Pets4Luv:

SPECIAL REQUEST: Pets4Luv Foundation is being evicted from its current facility space this month. Please help them find permanent homes for their remaining cats and dogs by sharing this information.


Mo is as cute and petite as they come. At 4-years-old, you would swear she’s just a little kitten. Mo came to Pets4Luv from a family that was fostering her for another rescue, but the family could no longer care for her. Mo is a sweet girl who loves to play, and just wants to be loved. She’s confused about losing what she thought was her “family,” so she’s definitely ready to plant her cute little butt in a forever home!


Hit by a car and left to die, good Samaritans found Marshall and brought him to a town shelter. His injuries were quite severe (dislocated hip, fractured pelvis and nerve damage), so the shelter suggested Marshall be put down. Thankfully, the couple who found Marshall contacted Pets4Luv who took him and got him the medical he needed!

Amazingly, just four weeks after being hit, Marshall was loving life! Fast forward another four weeks and he’s joined the general population in the rescue’s kitten room. He’s a sweet, super loving boy who is incredibly gentle. And not to mention unique; Marshall is double polydactyl which means he has 6 toes on his front paws instead of the normal five. Now that’s one special kitty!


Davey is a total snuggle bug, and all he really wants is a forever home. Interestingly enough, he absolutely insists on walks around the rescue on his leash. He is known as the “self-appointed Mayor” of Pets4Luv Rescue and needs to make his rounds daily to inspect everything.

“We love Davey,” a Pets4Luv volunteer said. “Especially my daughter, because he’s the only cat that ever came up to her lap and gave her a kiss. Hope he finds a home soon!”

For more information about adopting Mo, Marshall or Davey, contact Pets4Luv Foundation @pets4luv.org or (516)-832-8200

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!


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