Horoscopes By PsychicDeb for March 2019

Aries – Saturn in the 10th house. There may be time this month when you’ll feel you are in a rut in your business/career activities. Stellar patterns are somewhat unchanging in your career and joint funds. Expect a little friction at month end. 
Taurus – Saturn in the 9th house. Relationship projects may be a bit vague or nebulous this month but better times are coming. An existing marriage/partnership may encounter a few challenges now. Try to see both sides of an argument and keep your sense of humor.   
Gemini – Saturn in the 8th house. There will be clashes between you and your partner on the subject of money, and will probably continue next month as well. This is not the time to make investments or other speculative ventures, nor is it wise to begin a new monetary undertaking. However, you may have a “lucky in love” day at the beginning of the month. 
Cancer – Saturn in the 7th house. The first half of the month could find you deeply and happily immersed in a rewarding love relationship. Although there might be a temporary problem concerning a friend versus a lover. You’ll know how to straighten it out satisfactorily. 
Leo – Saturn in the 6th house. Slow moving Saturn may have had an effect on your over-all health to the extent that you may have developed an almost chronic condition. If you had a tendency for digestive upsets or problems with the knees, this should clear up by month’s end. 
Virgo – Saturn in the 5th house. This could be one of your favorite months as stellar patterns combine to provide you with just the right amount of social activity, romantic popularity and diverting entertainments. There will be plenty of invitations and social-romantic encounters.
Libra – Saturn in the 4th house. Make a work schedule and stick to it. If your social calendar is overly crowded, make enough time to get the proper amount of rest and really nutritious food. Avoid family and co-worker tensions and be willing to forego an overly busy agenda.
Scorpio – Saturn in the 3rd house. Quell the urge to take on too much financial responsibility or enter into uncertain schemes to hasten the desire for success. Communication may require careful monitoring. Partnership funds need an extra watchful eye but a joint decision could have a profitable, legal consequences.
Sagittarius – Saturn in the 2nd house. There doesn’t seem to be much movement in your career/financial agenda this month. Things appear to be holding steady. If you are looking for ups, you may be disappointed. On the other hand, you won’t experience any downs either. 
Capricorn – Saturn in the 1st house. Always interested in your appearance, you usually try to present an attractive image. Good health is a plus in creating this image so take care of overdue medical or dental checkups and start an exercise or nutrition program.
Aquarius – Saturn in the 12th house. Guard your physical well-being and act swiftly in attending to ailments or any former health problems that may reappear. Your money making abilities are intensified this month. Beware of secret enemies.    
Pisces – Saturn in the 11th house. If you are unattached and looking, social invitations can be your passport to encountering romance or new friends. You will enjoy an extra supply of energy this month but make sure you harness this energy wisely to improve your appearance for someone new.   
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