The Green Vale School Celebrates Expansion


Following a successful capital campaign that raised $15.5 million for The Green Vale School’s permanent endowment as well as new construction, the school formally opened the brand new Bacon-Biondi Building, as well as newly renovated spaces within the school’s Iselin Center and connecting spaces.

All students in Pre-Nursery through 8th Grade now regularly use parts or all of the new facilities as part of every school day. Additions and enhancements include the Qin Library, four new science labs, collaboration areas and flexible classrooms, separate innovation labs for older and younger students, a professional-grade production studio, new Schonfeld art gallery, a marine science lab, and the Katz Center for Teaching & Learning, dedicated to advanced training for teachers.

To commemorate the occasion, students cheered during a daytime ribbon-cutting performed by student council leaders. That same evening, more than 200 campaign donors and leading perennial supporters convened for an elegant celebratory reception toasting the many contributors to the four-year effort of planning and design, fundraising, and execution.

“Our community’s love for Green Vale and belief in its future has been abundantly clear in the form of ever-increasing generosity to the School,” said Head of School Jesse Dougherty, Ed.D.

Also in attendance were representatives from SLAM Collective Architecture and Cook & Krupa Construction.Building1


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