Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women Ring Opening Bell on Wall Street

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LICBPW Director Laura Doukas signs the Bell Registry, a tradition for all bell-ringers. The book was signed by J.P Morgan, Ronald Reagan, Usher, and many more influential individuals. L. to R. in front: Natalie Karp, Chris Taylor, Laura Doukas, Rachael Doukas, Marisol Joseph, Lina Gottesman, Sara Neumar. Back: Stephanie McPhail, Mary Waldron, John Rizzo, Shivam Jhingen, Marissa Consentino. Photo by NYSE.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) welcomed officials of the Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women (LICBPW) on Jan. 30 to highlight their efforts to advance women’s personal and professional development.

To honor the occasion, LICBPW Director Laura Doukas rang The Opening Bell®. Members were greeted at a private entrance and escorted to an extravagant continental breakfast in NYSE’s exclusive meeting space. Once inside, LICBPW met with NYSE representatives, including Chris Taylor, vice president NYSE Listings and Services, who offered inspiring remarks that motivated the crowd of enterprising women.

“The NYSE has made significant strides toward the advancement of women in business and we were extremely proud to ring The Opening Bell,” said Doukas. “We thank them for the warm welcome and for featuring LICBPW’s dedication to the empowerment of women. It was truly an unforgettable experience.”

LICBPW is dedicated to advancing women’s equal participation, leadership and employment in business, industry and the professions through networking opportunities, member education, community involvement, and personal and professional development.

Taylor led the group through the trading floor, where Doukas signed the official register. LICBPW members were then ushered to the balcony to ring The Opening Bell, where they were greeted with cheers and applause.

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The New York Stock Exchanges welcomes the LI Center for Business and Professional Women, to highlight its efforts to advance women’s’ personal and professional development. Laura Doukas, Director, joined by Chris Taylor, VP, NYSE Listings and Services, rings The Opening Bell®. L. to R. Front row: Cecilia Pena-Colon, Sara Neumar, Lina Gottesman, Rachael Doukas, Laura Doukas, Chris Taylor, Lisa Napolitano, Natalie Karp, Marissa Consentino. Back row: Maria Pena, Shivam Jhingen, Stephanie McPhail, John Rizzo, Mary Waldron, Marisol Joseph.
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L. to R.: John Rizzo, Mary Waldron, Stephanie McPhail, Lisa Napolitano, Marisol Joseph, Natalie Karp, Rachael Doukas, Laura Doukas, Sara Neumar, Lina Gottesman, Marissa Consentino, Cecilia Pena-Colon, Maria Pena, Shivam Jhingen.