More Than 11,000 Coronavirus Cases Now Confirmed on Long Island

Blood sample tube positive with COVID-19
Blood sample tube positive with COVID-19 or novel coronavirus 2019 found in Wuhan, China
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The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus on Long Island rose Sunday to more than 11,000  one fifth of the cases in New York State, officials said. 

LI had 11,468 confirmed COVID-19 patients, including 6,445 in Nassau County and 5,023 in Suffolk County as the statewide total rose to 59,513, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday during his daily coronavirus news briefing.

“We are going to make it through this,” Cuomo said. “We have made it through far greater things. We are going to be OK.”

The Empire State still leads the nation in coronavirus cases. There were 129,767 cases nationwide and 679,977 worldwide. 

In New York, 172,360 people have been tested, 8,503 are hospitalized, 2,037 are in intensive care units, and 3,572 have been discharged. Worldwide, 145,625 have recovered.

The death roll rose to 31,734 globally, 2,316 nationwide, and 965 in New York. As of Saturday, 72 of those deaths were on Long Island: 35 in Nassau and 37 in Suffolk. The mortality rate remains highest with seniors and those with underlying health issues.

The governor said he expected a “rolling apex” where the virus peaks at different regions at different times both nationally and locally. He said it was unclear if LI or Westchester would peak first.

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