How Long Island Press Covered Historic Events Over Past 2 Centuries

long island press
The first issue of the Long Island Daily Farmer, the April 2020 cover of the Long Island Press, and July 1969 coverage of the Moon landing.

As the Long Island Press takes a trip down memory lane to celebrate the bicentennial of its founding, a look back on how it covered some notable news over the years.

FIRST ISSUE page 001
The first issue of the Long Island Farmer was published in January 1821.
Last1899 page 001
The final issue of the 1800s.
9.14.1901McKinley page 001
Coverage of President McKinley’s assassination in 1901.
DLIF 11.8.1918 WWI page 001
Then called the Long Island Daily Famer, the paper covered both World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic.
1.16.19RooseveltDeath page 001
How the paper covered the death of President Theodore Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill in 1919.
5.21.27Lindbergh page 001
The Long Island Daily Press covered Charles Lindbergh’s historic solo transatlantic flight from Roosevelt Field in 1927.
9.22.38Hurricane38 page 001
The cover after the 1938 hurricane was one for the ages.
JFK page 001
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
7.21.69Moonlanding page 001
The Moon landing was a big deal on Long Island, where the Lunar Module was built.
715CB13C AABC 4FA4 8464 07E4900A4F72 e1639789910687
The last issue of the daily Long Island Press when it went out of business in 1977.
The Press’ groundbreaking coverage of the opioid epidemic in 2008, five years after the title was revived.
april 2020 page 001
The April 2020 issue of the Press after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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