Fresh Starts Registry Helps Long Islanders Start New Chapters in Life

fresh starts registry

By Sheyla Torres 

A pair of Long Islanders have founded a new business called Fresh Starts Registry that serves as an online resource, helping people get their lives back on track after a divorce or other life-altering experience.

Fresh Starts Registry helps individuals connect with experts in their area from all different fields. The site can help people connect to lawyers, doctors, nutritionists, and much more, by providing a concise resource guide.

“We tend to celebrate babies and weddings, but not everything else in between,” Olivia Dreizen Howell, who cofounded Fresh Starts Registry, told the New York Post.

Howell and her sister Genevieve Dreizen founded the site in October 2021. They both had to deal with beginning again and decided to launch this service. 

Howel is also the founder of March Lion Media, a woman-owned media management company in New York. Dreizen is Fresh Starts’ creative director and chief ops officer and holds the same position in March Lion Media as well. Together they curate the services and resource guide.

The website lists the experts with their location, so people can connect faster with the resources they need. Fresh Starts Registry helps both people seeking out resources as well as businesses and service providers seeking clients. 

The website has an annual membership fee of $500. The members then are displayed in the resource guide on the website, where people can contact them to take part in their services. 

The member is also able to get their own page displaying their certification, social media connections, and more. Members are also able to join calls and courses to help their small businesses grow. 

The company wants to be a support tool for its users. As stated on its website, its motto is “We believe in celebrating Fresh Starts, new beginnings, and brave choices.”

For more information, visit freshstartsregistry.com.

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