Finnegan’s Restaurant & Tap Room Spices Up the Old-fashioned

Finn’s old-fashioned.

By now you’ve probably seen the old-fashioned made a bunch of different ways, but there’s something about the Finn’s old-fashioned that makes it stand out among the rest — and that’s the hint of cinnamon. 

“I came up with this version of the old-fashioned because I wanted a warmer and a little bit softer flavor to this old-time favorite,” says Dan Leopold, bartender at Huntington Village’s Finnegan’s Restaurant & Tap Room, which offers traditional pub fare, craft beer, and classic cocktails. “The cinnamon really changes the dynamic, by hitting your taste buds and warming your insides, before the punch of the bourbon hits you. It really makes for a great sipping cocktail on a cold day.”

There are several ingredients to the Finn’s old-fashioned: Four Roses Bourbon, cinnamon simple syrup, Angostura Orange Bitters, an amarena cherry, and a slice of orange. 

“Old-fashioneds have stood the test of time, much like Finnegan’s, which has been a Huntington staple since Prohibition,” he says. “The two have similar stories. Customers love that Finnegan’s is nostalgic and familiar, much like the Finn’s old-fashioned. The pair go hand in hand.

If you’ve made a traditional old-fashioned before, you can make the Finn’s version. Gently muddle the cherry and orange, and then add the bourbon, cinnamon syrup, and bitters. Finally add ice, stir, and enjoy.

“People really seem to enjoy this old-fashioned because of the smoothness that the Four Roses Bourbon and cinnamon bring together,” Leopold says. “On any given day, you are sure to see a few Finn’s old-fashioned being served at the bar. Our customers love them.”

Finnegan’s Restaurant & Tap Room is located at 5 Wall St., Huntington. It can be reached at 631-423-9696 or lessings.com/corporate/restaurants/venue/finnegans.

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