Your February 2023 Horoscope

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Your February 2023 Horoscope

Aries – Your competitive drive is high now and there is a new degree of initiative and self-confidence during this period while your ruling planet is moving through your third house. Don’t overdo it.

Taurus – Transiting Saturn squaring your natal Sun can mean selfishness when it comes to our own ambitions. There can be power struggles with loved ones that you have to deal with at this time.

Gemini – Neptune squaring your natal Sun lends itself to problems that arise from a tendency toward self-deception and a desire to escape practical responsibilities. Understand that your focus is off during this period so don’t get caught up with undesirable opportunities.

Cancer – Uranus is sextile your natal Sun at this time, which can lead to angry confrontations and resentments. Think before you speak. Unclear thinking can cause accidents.

Leo – You may be more than extravagant during this period when Venus is incongruent to your natal Sun. You may want to impress your co-workers with nice gifts. Try not to spend too much.

Virgo – Your ruling planet Mercury is moving through your fifth house and can bring about romantic opportunities in connection with a short trip. There may be an unusual amount of social activities that you find soothing to your physical well-being.

Libra – You could be questioning your work environment now as your ruling planet Venus moves through your sixth house of finances. Mars squaring your natal Sun can lead to confrontations with men.

Scorpio – The strong influence of Saturn squaring your natal Sun will be a burden to you. During this period, you will feel a lowered vitality. Responsibilities will be extremely high now. All work and no play will be the theme for the next two years. Use this time to learn something new as Saturn gives you the focus you need.

Sagittarius – The strong influence of Mars moving through your seventh house will bring harmony in marriage and partnerships of all kinds.  Enjoy your time together.

Capricorn – There is a greater sense of loyalty toward friends, groups and organizational affiliations now. A friend from the past may find you again. Beware of ulterior motives from strangers, especially men.

Aquarius – Your solar return sets the cycle for the next 12 months. Saturn is conjunct your natal Sun during this period. This is a poor time to seek favors from those in positions of authority and power. They are likely to be unsympathetic or negative. Hard work is the only way to achieve your goals right now.

Pisces – There is an increase in social activities related to educational, cultural or religious matters. You may notice an increased enjoyment of religious art and music. There may also be an interest in foreign cultures and art forms at this time.