BOOK REVIEW: “Setting Leaders”

Setting Leaders
Fire Island News

Setting Leaders The Island Life of the Last East Coast Ocean Pound Trap Fishermen Memoir by Ron Schaper Distributed by Bublish   When I glanced at the above title, I thought, ‘oh, a book about developing leaders, setting goals for mentors, people in charge.’ I was wrong, but I was also right.   For…

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Make Yourself Home Inside Brookhaven’s Original Chapel

Brookhaven, chapel
Behind the Hedges

Back in 1829, when greater Brookhaven was a bustling shipbuilding port, the Congregational Chapel was built, leading to the name of the street. Today, as it has been for the last 75 years or so, a picturesque home sits at 1 Chapel Avenue. “While the house is unique, it’s also very livable and comfortable,”…

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Founder Of Collapsed Hedge Fund Archegos Capital And LI Native Financial Officer Are Convicted In Securities Fraud Scheme


The founder of Archegos Capital Management, a hedge fund that collapsed in 2021, was convicted Wednesday of securities and market manipulation fraud in a scheme that prosecutors said cost global investment banks billions of dollars. The jury also convicted the company’s former financial officer, Patrick Halligan, from Long Island.

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HISTORY: The Miracle of Father Bernard Quinn

Bernard J. Quinn
Fire Island News

“They do not want to learn English, they are taken away the jobs of real Americans, their religious doctrine teaches disloyalty to traditional American values, and they are the cause of a higher crime wave.”   The above statements were the Ku Klux Klan’s argument for an anti-immigration platform, highlighted in their monthly magazine,…

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