Elmont Home Invasion Try Thwarted by Victim

Police said a man held the door shut while two assailants armed with a rifle threatened him from outside.

The Who Rock Nassau Coliseum With Quadrophenia

In the annals of rock there stand but a handful of bands whose very existence not only encapsulate the fury, attitude and glorious chaos of the genre, but have simply come to define it. The Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd, Stooges, Ramones and Clash undoubtedly make this elite list; Hendrix, The Doors, Clapton, Bowie, New York Dolls, Bob Dylan and Johnny...

Marie Colvin’s Legacy Alive on Long Island

A year after the war correspondent who grew up on Long Island was killed in Syria, her spirit lives on in charitable and educational initiatives.

Jones Beach Theater 2013 Concert Calendar Brewing

Dave Matthews Band, One Direction and Rush are among the first performers to book concerts at the waterfront venue.

Long Island Weather Rainy This Weekend

Any chance of snow flurries will likely not be enough to accumulate and will be washed away by rain, forecasters say.

The Best (or Worst), Funniest (or Stupidest) Thing You’ll See All Day (or Year) (or Ever) (I Love Parentheses)

Normally, we guarantee satisfaction. This time, we're pretty sure 1/2 of you will love it. The rest of you, come back tomorrow.

Dix Hills Puppy Thief Sought by Police

Cops say the suspect stole the $1,800 Pug puppy from a pet store last weekend.

Driver Avoids Jail for Crash That Killed Nassau Cop

Connecticut man pleads guilty to reckless driving after prosecutors drop criminally negligent homicide charge.

Melville Man Killed in Car Crash

Police said the 82-year-old victim was driving alone when he struck a tree.

Roosevelt Burglars Caught in the Act, Cops Say

Police responded to a report of a burglary in progress to find one of the suspects inside the house holding stolen property.

Ed Romaine Offers Snow Ideas to Brookhaven Highway Department

Brookhaven supervisor suggests making it easier for plow companies to do business in the town and investing in better equipment.

Hempstead Murder Suspect Nabbed in Rhode Island

Police said the alleged gunman fatally shot the 29-year-old victim three weeks ago.