What Every High School and College Grad Needs to Know

“Your job prospects are better by having a degree.”

Patti Waszkiewicz: International Foundation for CDKL5 Research

“Emmy just might be the one who’s going to show us the way.”

Jennifer Nevadomski: Co-Founder & Mom-In-Chief Long Island Networking Moms

“I love to bring moms together and help them create a better work-life balance."

Eli Rosenbaum: Nazi Hunter

Rosenbaum is the Justice Department’s longest-running investigator of human rights violators living in the United States.

Oyster Bay Clam Wars Intensify

Oyster Bay Clam
"We’re upset about it and the residents should be upset about it because we’re also putting it out for the taxpayers."

The Revolution Will Be Satirized: Comedic Activists Deliver Tough Truths, With A Punch(line)

“We’re in a moment where political satire, political comedy, is more able to provide more criticism than mainstream journalism outlets."

The Rundown – April 2013

1. SHARE THINGS YOU HATE WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE Tired of Kim Kardashian? Lindsay Lohan? The cast of Twilight? Bicyclists who insist on riding on the Long Island Expressway service roads weaving in and out of traffic at 15 miles per hour? For all of you who continue to wish Mark Zuckerberg would bite the bullet and add a Dislike...

DEC Reopens Shellfish Harvesting Areas in South Shore

The DEC closed the areas to shellfish harvesting on Oct. 29, the day Sandy hit.

Book Review – Tenth of December

TENTH OF DECEMBER By George Saunders George Saunders, who teaches creative writing at Syracuse University, won a prestigious MacArthur “genius grant” fellowship in 2006. He is wearing the mantle well. This new collection of short stories comes with heavy-hitters on his dust jacket piling on the praise: David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith, Thomas Pynchon, Tobias Wolff, Dave Eggers, Jennifer Egan and Jonathan...

Southampton Car Thief Jumps From Moving Vehicle

Authorities are still searching for the suspect, who escaped a police chase by running away.

LI Schools Worry Tax Cap Cuts Education Quality

Long Island School tax-cap concerns
“When state funds disappear, the localities fill in the difference and that’s the reason property taxes went up.”