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Schneps Media President Victoria Schneps-Yunis Celebrates Long Island Press Bicentennial

It’s an honor to tell the stories of the Long Island Press bicentennial, according to Victoria Schneps-Yunis, the founder of Schneps Media — the parent company of the Long Island Press — who relaunched the publication in 2017.

Long Island Press Was Founded As Long Island Farmer in 1821

Two centuries ago in January 1821, Henry C. Sleight, a Sag Harbor resident who had served in the War of 1812, founded the Long Island Farmer in Jamaica, Queens, kicking off a long and proud legacy that has evolved into the publication you’re reading today.

Long Island Press Legends Remembered

In the two centuries since this newspaper was founded, the bylines of more writers than we can count have appeared in its pages — but some big names may surprise modern readers.

Long Island Press Invites Readers to Share Stories for Bicentennial

Two hundred years ago, the very first edition of The Long Island Farmer, a weekly publication that later changed its name several times to the Long Island Press, rolled off the presses to become essential reading.