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Local officials issued warnings as the storm reached major hurricane status.

The National Weather Service said up to 3 inches of rain is expected on LI through Friday.

It's the second review of Nassau's contracting process since New York State Sen. Dean Skelos was accused illegally influencing a county contract.

Recommendations were issued along with a report sparked by the arrest of NY Sen. Dean Skelos.

Long Island needs fiscal help addressing its water quality crisis, and it’s time both Nassau and Suffolk pushed hard together for action.

The law was passed in the wake of a federal corruption probe involving a Nassau contract.

At least Suffolk policy-makers talk about land-use issues--Nassau officials toss tax breaks at political insiders and hope for the best.

Civic leaders are trying to reclaim an area they say was usurped by planners years ago.

The senator and his son allegedly extorted $100,000 from a company that lobbied the lawmaker.

Transcripts of senator's recorded calls give rare glimpse into Albany "sausage making."