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Nassau Exec Mangano proposed a bill Monday and Democrats said the next day that their bill is better.

The station house had been previously downgraded to a "community policing center" in a precinct consolidation.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano's spokesman said the county is not a target of the probe.

There were several big developments this week, but the project also hit some snags.

FEMA's decision will most likely force the county to look elsewhere for the desired funding.

Two of the six candidates are named Kennedy—and they’re both Republicans, although one’s a man, the other a woman.

“Our current facility, as built and designed, was a grammar school, not a police academy.”

“In this day and age, we should not be dumping treated effluent into the bays."

“We need some more financial assistance from our federal and state governments."

Officials urge drivers to stay off the roads to make way for plows and emergency crews.