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The Book – The Kennedy Chronicles

Remember when MTV used to actually play music? Then you probably also remember Kennedy—VJ, host of Alternative Nation and on-the-spot correspondent for MTV News.

The Target – July 2013

Yeezy's Yeezus, Paula's pickle and more. We help you decide what's "On Target" in the world.

Letters to the Press – July 2013

RE: Woman’s Body Washes Ashore at Gilgo Beach I have a feeling a horror film will one day be made called ‘Gilgo Beach.’ Jeffrey G. Koch...

June ’13 Pink Slips: Dolan, Fogle, Rana – You’re Fired!

James Dolan Of course it was fun while it lasted but it was doomed to fail, admit it. As long as James “Guitar Hero” Dolan...

The Book – Iggy the Train Cat

Iggy the Train Cat By Mary Mac Long Island is full of stray cats, but it’s unlikely any of them are as personable as this...

The Rundown – June 2013

1. WEAR THE GREAT GATSBY Anyone can see the movie or read the book, but draping themselves in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald takes...

The Number – May 2013

16,000 The number of people, and the largest turnout in the show’s history, who showed up for Simon Cowell’s The X Factor auditions at Nassau...

The Target – May 2013

The hits, and misses, for May, 2013

The Quote – May 2013

"Don’t allow the terror to prevail.” –Sister Sanaa Nadim, chaplain of Stony Brook University’s Musilm Student Association. (Read: MUSLIM AMERICANS)

Pink Slip – April ’13

Dennis Rodman We know that Dennis Rodman could dribble and talk at the same time, at least on the basketball court. Nicknamed “The Worm,” he...