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Police Attacks on Journalists Covering Protests Are Outrageous

OpEd: Attacks on journalism diminish the people’s right to the truth about what government is doing in their name.

Driver Arrested For Nearly Running Over Teen Protestor in West Babylon

A driver was arrested after being caught on video nearly running over a 16-year-old girl who was part of a George Floyd protest in West Babylon on Tuesday evening, Suffolk County police said.

Flashes of Intolerance Amid Long Island George Floyd Protests

Some Long Islanders have responded with intolerance to the dozens of peaceful anti-police brutality protests that have swept Nassau and Suffolk counties in the past week.

Thousands of George Floyd Protesters Again Take Over Long Island Roads

Anti-police brutality protesters again blocked traffic on local roadways Thursday as the latest in a week of demonstrations across Long Island ended peacefully with neither arrests nor injuries.

Internet Rumors of Long Island Protest Violence Untrue, Cops Say

Rumors that agitators at anti-police brutality protests on Long Island were throwing bricks into traffic and secretly placing bricks along march routes to start looting stores this week are untrue, Nassau and Suffolk county police said.

Merrick Residents Try To Block Anti-Police Brutality Protesters

Tensions were high during anti-police brutality protests Tuesday across Long Island amid fears that the demonstrations would turn riotous as they have in cities nationwide, but local rallies remained peaceful, authorities say.

Police Brutality Protests Across Long Island Spark Riot Fears

Anti-police brutality protesters have been peacefully picketing and marching on Long Island, but authorities are closely monitoring the rallies to ensure rioters don't hijack the demonstrations and start looting.