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“We have to think in different terms."

“Dump ’em!” sniped D’Amato. “Dump Cablevision. FiOS is much better and cheaper.”

Alligators, Big Duck cracklers, Lou Reed, the Long Beach Boardwalk and Stephen Baldwin are this month's superstars--but who hit the bull's eye!?

“It’s just basically holy hell."

“Songs of Sandy came along as our attempt to have a quick and timely response from the poetry community concerning the disaster and to do our part since our greatest power is our words."

“We have storms of the century every two years now." But do we?

The storm was blamed for around 60 deaths on LI.

"Measures have been put in place immediately to ensure this type of ever does not occur again."

The concert is free but $10 donations are welcomed.

Superstorm Sandy left much of Long Island without power and with limited communication. The Long Island Press' headquarters lost electricity early into the storm,...