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Cuomo Appoints AG to Prosecute Certain Police-Involved Slayings

“Pretending a problem isn’t there doesn’t help solve the problem.”

Darrell Fuller Convicted in Cop Killing & Carjacking Slaying

“It’s almost two years, and it feels like yesterday."

Case Against Alleged Nassau Police Brutality Victim Dismissed

“They should be arrested,” the alleged police brutality victim's mother said of the officers accused of beating her son during a traffic stop.

Will Speed Cameras Fund First Nassau Worker Raises in 3 Years?

"The revenue resulting from these cameras will help offset the short-term costs associated with these labor agreements.”

Nassau PBA to Appeal Discipline Ruling Amid Commissioner Ouster

“Once you give one individual the unfettered right to terminate people, that becomes problematic."

NIFA Blasts Mangano’s Proposed Nassau Budget

The fiscal watchdog agency maintains that the county executive relies too much on borrowing.

Nassau Wage Freeze Appeal Arguments Heard

“We’re saying that they don’t have the power to do this,” an attorney for the Nassau police union argued Monday.

Nassau Police Hiring 1st Recruits in 5 Years

“We haven’t hired a police officer in Nassau County since September of 2008… New blood is going to be welcomed.”

Driver Faces New Charges in Crash That Killed Cop

James Ryan was indicted on upgraded charges of vehicular homicide, manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

Will Fallout From Flanagan Conviction Strain Nassau Police Relations with the...

Will Fallout From Flanagan Conviction Strain Nassau Police Relations with the DA?