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Police Attacks on Journalists Covering Protests Are Outrageous

OpEd: Attacks on journalism diminish the people’s right to the truth about what government is doing in their name.

Communities Need Their Newspapers, And Newspapers Need Their Community

OpEd: Through stories of sickness and of death, of brave healthcare workers and struggling small business owners, local journalists are documenting their communities.

Michael Hastings, Journalist and Author, Dead at 33

"Hastings will be remembered for his fearless, award-winning journalism and relentless pursuit of the truth."

The Long Island Press: A 10 Year Retrospective

A look back at a decade of the Long Island Press

The Long Island Press Has Gone Monthly. Here’s Why.

While it may look as though the Long Island Press is downshifting, in reality we are moving forward full throttle.

How Long Can Fox News Chase Its Own Tail?

With the election complete, arithmetic has become one of the overriding memes of the 2012 campaign.