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New federal data shows a fivefold increase in drone sightings being reported to authorities on Long Island since last year.

The new version focuses on drone permits and drops the constitutionally problematic provision restricting photography in public.

At least 20 drone incidents were reported to authorities on Long Island amid debate over how to regulate the new technology.

The outcome of this hotly contested race could send ripples through the Democratic Party on Long Island and beyond because it threatens the control of its traditional leadership.

Flood underscores difference between weather service recording station, town and hamlet of same name.

“Allegiant’s arrival will help our residents get to an extremely popular destination without having to use another, less convenient, congested airport.”

These four Long Islanders are examples of the wide range of personnel needed to keep everyone flying. Learn a bit more about each of these individuals.

Some residents favor the idea, but not all are on board with adding more flights to the suburban airport.