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Long Island Upsets Usher In State Senate Firsts

When Democrats surfed a blue wave to wash Republicans from New York State Senate control for the first time a decade — and about a century before that — the sea change brought some unprecedented developments.

Battleground Long Island: Power In Play This Election Day

While Democrats hope to recapture a Congressional majority to block President Trump’s agenda this Election Day, Long Island could play a pivotal role in potentially flipping the Republican-led New York State Senate.

An Inside Look At How Skelos Trial Exposed Slimy Side Of...

Context was often lost between the pace of coverage and testimony jumping around between dates, blurring significant moments in the timeline of the conspiracy. Seen in full, it offers a revealing look at the raw power that money has in The Empire State's politics, and the abuse of this state's most trusted offices to capitalize on this power toward a lawmaker's personal objectives.

Skelos Corruption Trial: Exec Said He Had No Choice in Doubling...

"The last thing I wanted to do is alienate...the senator."

Nassau’s Denenberg Proposes Dog Abuse Prevention Law

“I look at my dog Chloe and I just can’t imagine not giving her the room to walk and run when she is outside.”

Jon Stewart Points Out Absurdity of New York’s ‘Official State Snack’...

“As far as a state snack, what exactly are we defining as a snack?”

Suffolk Seeks State OK for Park Police Consolidation

The transfer would save Suffolk $13.4 million, the county has said.