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It’d hardly be a surprise if a large chunk of the American public had no idea Congress last week debated President Barack Obama’s authorization for a war he’s already fighting.

U.S. Attorney General Eric holder said his office was awaiting the decision before announcing the probe.

“You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law,” Obama said. “That’s what this deal is.”

President Barack Obama’s nationally televised address Thursday night will in fact be televised, but Americans will have to either tune it to cable news—sucks,...

When push came to shove, and his party was literally up against the wall, his inability to communicate viscerally will have profound political repercussions in the months to come.

“If we don’t change the way we are living...we are in for trouble."

The Obama administration is using a 13-year-old law authorizing combat against Sept. 11 perpetrators to target ISIS.

The poll was released the same day President Obama outlined his strategy to combat ISIS.

"It’s about love at the center of it that leads to a protest, that leads to a critique, leads to a resistance, leads to solidarity,.."

Recent arrests of journalists covering protests in Missouri have put a spotlight on press freedoms in the US. A NYT reporter could go to jail if he refuses to reveal his anonymous source in a book he wrote in 2006.