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OpEd: After Riot and Biden Vote, The New York Foul Four...

For the attack on our democracy, the president needs to be impeached and removed from office. I have also called for the resignation of the four members of Congress from New York State .

OpEd: Where is Vaccine For Assisted Living Staff And Residents?

How is it that funeral directors, hospital discharge planners, firefighters and other frontline and congregate care setting staff have begun receiving the vaccine and assisted living workers serving very frail elderly residents have not?

OpEd: ‘Pandemic Fatigue’ Isn’t an Excuse to Ignore Covid-19 Guidance

Keep in mind that there may be no time to relax and enjoy what we’ve been missing out on if we’re hospitalized or, worse yet, one of our loved ones is.  

OpEd: Working Together Key For Economic Recovery

Financial incentives, once passing the rigors of the “but for” test and cost/benefit analysis, are an effective tool for stimulating local economic development.

White People, It’s OK to Not Feel Guilty About Police Killing...

It is perfectly OK to not feel guilty if you don't support #BlackLivesMatter or Colin Kaepernick. After all, it's not like you're choosing to be on the wrong side of history or anything.

Not Black, Like Me: Why Rachel Dolezal’s Transracial Claims Are a...

There are many great examples of how white people can feel closely connected to black people. None of them should ever end with calling yourself "black."