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Adopt One of These Purr-fectly Adorable Cats on Long Island

Feline fans, pull out your scratching pads and catnip because this week’s lineup is for you! Head down to your local rescue or shelter to meet a paw-fectly purrfect cat or kitten today!

WagMore Dog Training Offers Learning For Both Pet and Pet Owner

Melanie Hanan, founder/owner of WagMore Dog Training, LLC, has been in the dog training business for more than 10 years and provides two of the most popular types of dog training services for her clients: board-and-train programs and in-home training.

Cats and Dogs Available For Adoption on Long Island

Adopt a cat or dog from one of these Long Island rescues and animal shelters.

Pets Available for Adoption on Long Island

From cats to dogs and young to seniors, whatever type of best friend you’re looking for, we got ‘em right here!

12 Pets Available for Adoption on Long Island

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the dog days of summer with a new dog? And we’re not leaving cats out — they would be more than happy to join your family as well. Head down to your local animal shelter or rescue today!

These Kittens, Puppies, And Senior Pets Want to Be Adopted By...

Senior animals find themselves in shelters and rescues for reasons outside of their control and really thrive when given a safe, loving home to call their own.

Vet Offers Advice For Keeping Pets Cool in the Dog Days...

Summer can take a toll on our furry friends in unexpected ways. We’ve asked Leigh Wixson, Licensed Veterinary Technician and Animal Shelter Supervisor at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter, to weigh in on some common questions.

Adopt One of These Precious Cats on Long Island

With so many cats available for adoption this week, it’s hard to choose just one.

Adopt a Rescued Animal From a Long Island Shelter

Often times the actual birthday of a rescued animal is unknown but grab your party hats because thanks to North Shore Animal League America, Aug. 1 has been declared the universal birthday of rescue dogs (and those in shelters awaiting their forever homes)!  

Adopt One of These Adorable Pet Cats on Long Island

We’re not kitten around this week — with so many adorable kitties available for adoption, it's easier now than ever to find your new best friend, so head down to your local shelter/rescue and scoop one up this weekend!