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After providing significant analysis of our region’s various maladies for more than a decade, the Rauch Foundation is actively looking to find a new organization to permanently take over publication of the Long Island Index. Without this great source of independent research, Long Islanders could lose valuable insight into the problems our region faces.

There's an enormous gap between the multifamily housing that currently exists and what the Island will need to accommodate all the people who want to live here in the future.

Among the positive signs the report spotted is the Island’s relatively small but growing biomedical industry.

Sparse turnout is the norm—and Tuesday’s forecast doesn’t promise to reverse that apathetic trend.

If we came together to design a system that was going to segregate, it would be Nassau County."

It predicts that the Third Track would add 14,000 jobs, $3 billion in personal income, $5.6 billion to our Gross Regional Product, 35,000 new residents, $40 million in additional sales tax revenue and $103 million in added property tax revenue.

“The Long Island Rail Road is one of Long Island’s top assets."