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Will Giant Sea Gates Off Long Island Stop Flooding From The...

As the region marks the seventh anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, debate is surging over proposals to build massive concrete and steel sea gates at the mouths of major Long Island waterways to mitigate future hurricane flooding.

How Homeowners Can Get Ready Before The Next Big Storm

Ongoing efforts to repair catastrophic wind and flood damage that Superstorm Sandy brought to Long Island six years ago this month are a lingering reminder of the region’s vulnerability to severe weather.

Fire Island Breach Stable 5 Years After Sandy, Study Finds

Five years after Sandy breached Fire Island, the new channel between the Atlantic and Great South Bay is shifting, but stable and unlikely to increase bay-front storm flooding, a new study found.

Dems Tap Legis. Laura Curran for Nassau Exec Nominee, Primary Expected

Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs tapped Nassau Legis. Laura Curran (D-Baldwin) as his party’s preferred candidate for county executive in the November elections, but she is still facing a three-way primary.

4 Years After Sandy, Recovery Work Continues on Long Island

Saturday marks four years since Superstorm Sandy unleashed catastrophe across Long Island, but the region remains vulnerable to future hurricanes because public and private projects to repair the damage remain partly incomplete. Reconstruction is about half completed at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, which was knocked offline for a month after the storm, spewing sewage into waterways and homes. Waterfront neighborhoods that were flooded in the storm surge are still works in progress. And a project to rebuild the beach and flattened dunes on Fire Island won’t be completed until next year—assuming it isn’t further delayed.

Remembering Superstorm Sandy On 4-Year Anniversary

More than 230 people lost their lives during Superstorm Sandy's lethal trek from the Caribbean up the East Coast of the United States, millions lost power, and its total devastation stateside has been estimated at more than $70 billion. Sandy swallowed entire neighborhoods whole. Breezy Point, the Rockaways, Lindenhurst, Freeport, the city of Long Beach—the list goes on and on.

Long Island May Never Be Fully Prepared for the Next Bad...

Unwise development in the coastal floodplain and poor regional planning have put serious pressure on our Island's infrastructure. It doesn’t even have to be a major storm to leave a trail of destruction in its wake. For Long Island, just one direct hit from a hurricane could cripple our region. By far, the benchmark for these events was set in ’38 when the “Long Island Express” crushed the Island. Over the decades since the Express struck, LI’s population has exploded, especially on the East End and the South Shore, with subdivisions replacing critical wetlands, increasing our vulnerability to storm surges and wave action.

Fire Island Dune Rebuilding Plan Partly Underway

Eroded beaches are being rebuilt on either end of the island, but the residential middle phase of the job is still in the planning phase.

Hempstead Man Sentenced for Rape, Attempted Murder

A Hempstead man was sentenced Thursday to 25 years to life in prison for raping and nearly killing a 50-year-old Garden City woman during...

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Wins Second Term

The incumbent prosecutor fended off a challenge from Republican John Cahill.