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If the stalemate continues, the Fire Island to Montauk Point coastal rebuilding project could be impacted by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff cuts.

The episode of the home renovation show featuring the Long Island family airs 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 on NBC.

Voters will decide whether Suozzi or Haber win the Democratic primary Tuesday to face Mangano in November.

Democrats and Republicans are still arguing about how to pay for fixing the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant.

County lawmakers are expected to debate borrowing $400 million to fix the plants at their Monday meeting.

“We’re like a boxer that’s been knocked down, but Long Beach has gotten up and delivered the knock out punch against Sandy.”

Officials say the plant still needs another half billion dollars in upgrades to keep it from failing again in the event of another hurricane like Sandy.

The suspects are linked to 56 different companies, some local, some from out of town.

“Hurricane Sandy and Irene should erase any doubt that Long Island is not vulnerable to coastal storms."

“It is like opening a brand new place. Business was phenomenal.”