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Alure Home Improvements Seeks to Inspire ‘Raving Fans’ [Sponsored]

When it comes to levels of appreciation, some people are enthusiasts—they express themselves politely but they don’t let themselves go. Some folks are fans—they...

Alure Home Improvements’ 60-Second Fix: How To Clean Vinyl Tilt Windows...

Soon enough you’ll be singing along with Van Morrison: “I’m happy cleaning windows!”

Travel Diary: Experience The Magic of Saratoga Springs [Sponsored]

Mineral springs, a vibrant downtown and plenty of horse racing is just a car ride away!

Lexus CT 200h Luxury Hybrid: Easy on the Eyes, Road &...

Will it save on gas? Check. Is it a comfortable ride? Check. Storage? Style? Safety? Check. Check. Check.

Travel Diary: Family Fun Time at Lake George [Sponsored]

Your recipe for the ultimate road trip begins with the perfect family vehicle, the Honda Odyssey.

Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space [Sponsored]

In most homes today the kitchen has really become the heart of the house. It’s not only where food is prepared and served, it’s...

2015 Audi A3 Tops List of Luxury Sedans [Sponsored]

“Steering is precise and the ride is composed; fit and finish are superb."

Travel Diary: Your May Getaway is Only a Car Ride Away...

Ask anyone from another region of the country and they'll tell you that New York and New York City are synonymous. Yet, those of...

8 Insane Adventures To Do in 5 Days (Sponsored)

Oh, and try to find some time for a nap.