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“This acquisition represents a major step in the ultimate protection of the Carmans River.”

The business leaders discussed Deepwater ONE, a proposed wind farm that would be off the coast of Montauk.

He will lead the office despite opposing a plan voters approved to consolidate it with the treasurer's office.

Stellar performances and moving speeches wowed a sold-out crowd.

This would be the first such facility in the tri-state area and only the fifth in the entire country.

First place prize is a Canon PowerShot SX280 HS digital camera valued at more than $200

The Suffolk County information technology department commissioner admitted to falsifying paperwork for a $5-million computer software contract without legislative approval a day after he...

“Hundred-year storms happen with regularity,” Bellone said, “this was a 500-year storm.”

There has been a push for the past decade to turn Wyandanch around. It has become a battle to restore hope and to revive the spirits of a divided population.

“This settlement is a victory for the First Amendment and for the public good,” the videographer said.