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Mastic Beach Man Charged With Bringing Bombs To Hospital Mentioned George...

The Mastic Beach man accused of bringing three explosive devices to Stony Brook University Hospital suggested that local police should be more worried about recent riots in New York City than him, court records show.

Suspect Arrested For Bringing Explosive Devices Into Stony Brook University Hospital

A 33-year-old Mastic Beach man was arrested Wednesday for bringing three explosive devices into Stony Brook University Hospital, Suffolk County police said.

Face The Future Now, Says Long Island’s Master Planner, Lee Koppelman

The very same people who were in their thirties and forties, and opposed every single effort that I made to get rental housing available for the singles and the elderly are now 50, and all of a sudden a condominium sounds like a great idea.

Medford Man Shot, Crashes Car Driving to Police Precinct

Victim crashed his car while attempting to drive to a police precinct for help