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The race was the only possible upset in 10 races for town supervisor seats across the 13 towns on Long Island.

Voter turnout is pivotal in key match-ups across Nassau and Suffolk.

Lawmakers said the ban is intended to protect county facilities and beachgoers from violations of their privacy.

The bill would create $500 fines for pet retailers that buy animals from breeders that have received violations on recent inspection reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The late lawmaker was the legislature's longest serving presiding officer before he died in September.

Republicans picked off one key seat but Democrats unseated a renegade member who didn't caucus with the party.

The county legislature has directed the public works department to devise a plan to deal with the ticks that cause the disease.

The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum’s Planetarium has been renamed The Charles and Helen Reichert Planetarium