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“Say ‘yes’ to everything. Men do. Don’t let anyone else decide your potential.”

Officials smashed a wall with sledgehammers to celebrate the start of the work.

“They (voters) wanted the best qualified person to do the job,” Singas told the Press.

The race was the only possible upset in 10 races for town supervisor seats across the 13 towns on Long Island.

Democrat Madeline Singas, considered the underdog in a race with far-reaching implications, declared victory over Kate Murray, her well-connected Republican challenger, in the hotly...

Voter turnout is pivotal in key match-ups across Nassau and Suffolk.

The two women’s campaign could also be the county’s costliest contest this year.

Speakers discuss proposed reforms in a conference room after Republicans locked them out of the legislative chamber Friday.

The Islanders fell 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Isle's first regular season game at the Barclays Center, their new home.

Registered Democratic and Republican voters across Long Island will head to the polls Thursday, Sept. 10 to choose the candidates they want to see on the ballots on Election Day