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How To Vet Nonprofits Before You Give

Using ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer and a charity’s own documents, you can make a more informed giving decision.

Why Counting Mass Shootings is a Bad Way to Understand Gun...

It glosses over the broader reality of who is most at risk of being murdered with guns.

Who Turned My Blue State Red?

Why poor areas vote for politicians who want to slash the safety net.

What’s the Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much

By Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica Current and former government officials have been pointing to the terror attacks in Paris as justification for mass surveillance programs. CIA...

Hillary Clinton’s Mixed Record on Wall Street Belies Her Tough ‘Cut...

As a U.S. senator during the crisis years, Clinton’s legislative proposals to reform banking and housing finance didn’t gain traction.

N.Y.C. Landlords Flout Rent Limits — But Still Rake In Lucrative...

roPublica and WNYC investigate how renters are being exploited under a housing program that will save developers $1 billion in property taxes this year.

How N.Y.’s Biggest For-Profit Nursing Home Group Flourishes Despite a Record...

By Allegra Abramo and Jennifer Lehman, Special to ProPublica View image | gettyimages.com   By Allegra Abramo and Jennifer Lehman, Special to ProPublica Charlie Stewart was looking...

Sicario’s Dirty War on Mexican Cartels is Not Yet Reality

Denis Villeneuve’s movie gets much right about the borderlands but crosses the line into exaggeration. A veteran border correspondent compares the film’s underworld to the one he knows.

Your Smart Home Knows a Lot About You

A data scientist’s experiment reveals surprising information about interconnected smart devices.

Is the Gun Lobby’s Power Overstated?

The National Rifle Association and other anti-gun-control groups are formidable, but political trends may be loosening their grip on lawmakers.