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How To Turn An Attic Into A Bonus Room

Inside Job: If you’re looking for a practical solution for adding more room to your house, consider turning that cluttered attic into usable, livable space.

Living Al Fresco: Creating Outdoor Spaces

Inside Job: To create a seamless interior-exterior transition, it’s important to incorporate the same furniture style, similar textures and color schemes for both spaces.

Adding Value To Your Home In Unexpected Places

“If you’re fixing up your home to appeal to potential buyers, go for changes that have broad appeal,” says Zillow Lifestyle Expert Amanda Pendleton.

2 Stylish Kitchens, 2 Different Vibes

Inside Job: Traditional and contemporary kitchen designs are quite different, yet equally beautiful.

Common Renovation Mistakes To Avoid, From Your Friends At Alure Home...

"The most typical errors involve ignoring prep work, setting unrealistic goals, low-balling the budget, and neglecting safety."