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Oped: LIRR Coping With More Ferocious Weather

It seems like the storms that come our way keep getting more ferocious – but they’re no match for the skill and dedication of our workforce.

U.S. to Begin Offering Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots in September

The U.S. government said on Wednesday it plans to make Covid-19 vaccine booster shots widely available starting on Sept. 20 as infections rise from the coronavirus Delta variant, citing data indicating diminishing protection from the vaccines over time.

Atlantic Ocean Currents Weaken, Signaling Big Weather Changes, Study

The Atlantic Ocean’s current system, an engine of the Northern Hemsiphere’s climate, could be weakening to such an extent that it could soon bring big changes to the world’s weather, a scientific study said on Thursday.

Delta Spreads ‘Like Wildfire’ As Doctors Study Whether It Makes Patients...

With a new wave of Covid-19 infections fueled by the Delta variant striking countries worldwide, disease experts are scrambling to learn whether the latest version of coronavirus is making people — mainly the unvaccinated — sicker than before.

Biden Sets Broad New Vaccine, Mask Guidelines For Millions of Federal...

Federal workers and onsite contractors will have to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or wear masks, practice social distancing and submit to regular testing under sweeping new guidelines the White House announced on Thursday.

Wantagh Diver Earns Silver Medal at First Olympics Appearance

A diver from Wantagh earned a silver medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ men’s 3-meter synchronized springboard event on Wednesday.

Exclusive: U.S. Studies Plan to Pay Fishing Industry For Offshore Wind...

The Biden administration is considering ways to ensure the U.S. commercial fishing industry is paid for any losses it incurs from the planned expansion of offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean, according to state and federal officials involved in the matter.

Suffolk’s Lawyer Urges Jurors to Hold Drugmakers Liable for Opioid Crisis

Suffolk is suing the companies alongside neighboring Nassau County and New York Attorney General Letitia James. The trial in Central Islip marks the first time governments' claims over the nationwide opioid crisis have gone before a jury.

‘Like Magic’: Small Emergence of Cicadas Thought to Be Extinct Found...

Dr. Elias Bonaros, a cardiologist and cicada expert, thought the noise-making insects, which emerge from the ground every 17 years, might not return to his neck of the woods, Long Island, after very few showed up in 2004. But this week they came back.

JPMorgan Freezes Donations to Republicans Who Contested 2020 Election

JPMorgan Chase & Co will resume making political donations to U.S. lawmakers but will not give to Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn President Joe Biden's election victory, according to an internal memo on Friday seen by Reuters.