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Do This – September, 2013 – Featured Long Island Events

Featured Long Island and NYC events for September, 2013

Officer Down: Kevin O’Connor’s Seven Year Search For Justice

“They just want me to quit, to go away and not get paid and not have benefits and just quit. I have four children, my wife; we have to live.”

Vanished: Dix Hills Father Still Missing After 2 Months

“This is a man who never once spent a night away from home. Not once, not one night in 18 years was he not with me."

New Fox, Same Henhouse: Wall Street Takes Over LIBOR

How Wall Street cornered the market by taking control of the world's most important financial benchmark.

Long Island Summer Guide 2013 – Concert and Event Calendar

A full, ever-growing calendar of concerts, events, fairs, festivals and more! Something for every Long Islander to enjoy.