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A revised version of the bill is expected to focus on public safety rather than privacy.

At least 20 drone incidents were reported to authorities on Long Island amid debate over how to regulate the new technology.

Footage from a pilot program prompted a push for a state bill to legalize a program similar to red light cameras.

Want your town to become a DNA protected community?

The county legislature unanimously approved the measure Tuesday.

The bill would create $500 fines for pet retailers that buy animals from breeders that have received violations on recent inspection reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

“Launchpad Huntington will be the center of entrepreneurial activity on Long Island.”

The Department of Justice launched the probe into the Suffolk police department after the slaying of an immigrant five years ago.

“The bays and harbors are at the heart of the Huntington and Northport communities, and they are also a part of the economy."

Lawmakers passed bills limiting marketing and some sales of high-caffeine drinks to kids and launching an awareness campaign.