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Steven Romeo, the pickup truck driver, stayed at the crash scene for 15 minutes and spoke to several responding officers before he allegedly walked away and climbed over a nearby six-foot-high fence.

“Either the community has absolutely no interest...or she disappeared and nobody knows."

A 27-year-old Oyster Bay man died Friday morning after striking a tree on the Northern State Parkway, State police said. The driver, identified as...

Alligators, Big Duck cracklers, Lou Reed, the Long Beach Boardwalk and Stephen Baldwin are this month's superstars--but who hit the bull's eye!?

The officer's car struck another vehicle and then overturned, police said.

“There will be additional police patrols all around Nassau County, and chances are if you drive drunk you will be arrested.”

Three people remain in critical condition after the tragic accident.

NY was first state in nation to pass gun control laws since Newtown shooting.

It's messy out there.