NY Creates Website, Hotline for Gun Law

New York State has created a website and hotline to educate residents on gun control laws recently signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The website, established by the governor’s office, provides details about the New York Safe Act for gun owners and licensed dealers and features frequently asked questions and a list of weapons banned under the new law.

The site provides a list of questions and answers pertaining to assault weapons, magazines, antique guns and magazines, private sales, safe storage, dealers and crimes.

New York State also created a hotline for the public to call. The phone number is 1-888-LAW-GUNS and will be activated Jan. 21. The hotline will run during normal business hours Monday through Friday and will be staffed by state police.

Cuomo signed the bill into law Tuesday, the same day that the state legislature approved the measure.

The legislation calls for an immediate ban on assault weapons and all magazines that hold more than seven rounds.

Under the legislation, semi-automatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one military-style feature will be considered assault weapons. The bill also considers semi-automatic shotguns with one military-style feature an assault weapon.