Elizabeth Hurley Divorced From Arun Nayar

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Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar have officially  ended their four year marriage as of yesterday. According Fox, they were granted the divorce at London’s High Court by Judge Penny Cushing. Though, the divorce is not from out of the blue.

Hurley-best known for her role in the Austin Powers movie series- started dating Nayar a Indian textile heir in 2002. They married in March of 2007 hosting two ceremonies, one in England and one in India. The impressive guest list included Sir Elton John, who gave Hurley away during the ceremony.

The two, along with Damian, resided on a farm in Barnsley, Gloucestershire in England.

By the end of 2010, reports linked Hurley to Shane Warne, an Australian cricketer.  Shortly after, she announced the ending of her marriage with Nayar via Twitter in December of 2010. Hurley wrote, “For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago. Our close family and friends were aware of this.”

She soon filed for the divorce back in April for Nayar’s “unreasonable behavior.”

Hurley has never had an easy love life. In the 1990s, she was the girlfriend of Hugh Grant. The two had a very high profile and public relationship. She stood by him during Grant’s scandal with a female prostitute in 1995. They dated for thirteen years, broke up in 2000, but they still remain good friends. She is currently the featured model for Estee Lauder.

The actress also dated Steve Bing for a short time after dating Grant. Bing and Hurley had a son together, Damian Charles Hurley. Bing denied being the father of Damian, but after DNA testing, it was proven that he his the biological father.