Islanders Get Funky New T-Shirt Line Designed By Tattoo Lou’s

TattooLous White

Long Island’s favorite NHL team and favorite tattoo parlor have joined forces to produce a limited-edition t-shirt line.

Sure the professional hockey team already has mainstream licensed apparel, but it’s nothing like this line. The funky new line of Islander shirts was given a “tattoo feel” and was designed by the experts: Lou Rubino, Tattoo Lou’s Owner, Irish Jay, the senior tattoo artist and Mark Parez, the marketing director.

“The main goal here is to get more of an audience and move more shirts,” Rubino said in a statement. “I think that teaming up with the Islanders is really going to help explode the clothing line that we’re working on.”

The shirts come in black, white and grey. Each t-shirt has a different artistic design incorporated with the Islander’s logo.

A clothing line seems like the perfect thing for Isles fans who aren’t set on getting Isles inked on them just yet. The idea for the new line came to Rubino after hosting a booth at the 2011 Draft Party at Nassau Coliseum on June 24. After meeting swarms of Isles fans, he spent time designing Islander-themed tattoos. Rubino’s idea of designing a special clothing with the Islander’s logo seemed like a successful one and the Islanders agreed.

The shirts were first released on July 19 and are now available at the Islanders Team Store at Sunrise Mall in Massapequa.