Brian Williams: Anchors During Fire Alarm (Video)

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Picture 510“You’ll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio,” said Brian Williams as he tried to anchor a newscast while a fire alarm announcement played.

Tuesday night, Williams was performing his broadcast for “NBC Nightly News” in a new studio in 30 Rockefeller Plaza when an alarm went off.

The problem was that it didn’t stop.

According to the Associated Press, alarms went off twice as Williams read a story about American Airlines.

“We should advise our viewers there’s no danger to us. We’d love to make this stop,” He said.

According to the LA Times, NBC spokeswoman Erika Masonhall told the Associated Press the fire alarm was a drill, but technicians could not immediately turn off the speakers in the nightly newscast’s new studio.

Luckily, the alarm only affected the East Coast segment, and went off by the time Williams taped the West Coast segment.

Check out the video.