“Celebrity Wife Swap”: Ted Haggard Appears On “Celebrity Wife Swap” (Video)

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Picture 4“Celebrity Wife Swap” is a hot new show based on the British show and hit American television show “Wife Swap.”

This week, viewers got to follow Ted Haggard, Gayle Haggard, Gary Busey and his fiancee, Stephanie Samson as they swapped families for an episode.

Tuesday, the episode was televised and showed Gayle Haggard and Stephanie Samson moving in with one another’s families for a couple of days. The first few days, the men were able to make the rules but after that, the women took charge.

Typically, the most exciting part of “Wife Swap” is seeing the bickering that goes on, but this time, more interesting was that viewers really got an inside look at both families. Ted shared his scandalous past with the world and how his family handled it and is still recovering, while Busey spoke on his own religious views.

Haggard was the paster of New Life Church until he was caught having an affair with a male prostitute. He now runs a non-denominational St. James church.

This won’t be the first time Haggard is seen on television, according to Huffington Post, Haggard and his wife Gayle have appeared on ”Divorce Court,” were featured in a TLC documentary, “Ted Haggard: Scandalous” as well as featured in a documentary and appearances on other shows including “Oprah.”

Actor, Gary Busey is a born again Christian who has appeared films like “The Buddy Holly Story,” and reality shows like “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Earlier this fall, reports confirmed that the New Life Church pastor and his wife, Gayle, would appear on the new ABC reality series, with actor Gary Busey and his partner, Steffanie Sampson.

Check it out.