Chinese Boy Has Cat Eyes (Video)

Picture 4

Picture 41A boy living in China has long impressed friends and family with his stunning blue eyes.

His name is Nong Youhui and his blues give Frank Sinatra a run for their money.

Those impressive bright eyes have boggled medics. Interestingly, instead of compliments Youhui’s eyes have garnered more questions. The reason, it’s a rarity in China to find such bright blue eyes.

Youhui’s dad, concerned, took the young boy to a South China hospital where his eyes were studied by doctors. The boy’s dad reportedly said doctors told him he would grow out of it and his eyes would turn black like most Chinese people.

Youhui’s eyes never turned black and reportedly continue to glow green in the dark. It was later determined that Youhui’s eyes have the ability to not only glow in the dark but see perfectly in it too—Youhui’s eyes were tested and determined to see in the dark yet struggle to see clearly in bright sunlight.

His eyes have since, attracted a ton of attention with journalists interviewing the young child frequently. In recent years, a Chinese journalist even tested his seeing-in-the-dark ability with a a set of questions.

Though many are convinced Youhui has eyes like a cat, according to Daily Mail, experts say for the human to have the same feature as the leopards and other big cats, it would have to be through multiple mutations which is virtually impossible. Instead, medics say he may just have extremely good eyesight instead of true night-vision.

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