LMFAO Releases ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ (Video)

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Picture 45LMFAO released a new video for their new hit “Sorry For Party Rocking.”

The new video takes viewers inside a hopping LMFAO house party. Typically, with any house party, at least one neighbor isn’t happy.

The neighbor disturbs the party for disturbing him and LMFAO has something to say, better yet, sing.

“Sorry for party rocking, neighbors complain saying turn it down, sorry for party rocking, haters don’t like we got the spotlight,” sings LMFAO. “Sorry for party rocking, when they talk shit, we just be like sorry for party rocking.”

The song was spawned from their hit “Party Rock Anthem,” which was a top song during the 2011 summer.

AP reported that Billboard says the electro-pop-dance track featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock topped its “Songs of the Summer” chart, a list that ranks the overall performance of hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

“Sorry For Party Rocking” comes from the group’s second studio album with the same name, released back in June 2011 and follows their first album “Party Rock” released in 2009.

The group first stepped on the scene with their first single “I’m in Miami Bitch,” which proved super successful and gave them a name for producing hit party songs. Naturally, they went on to release even more successful songs on their first album including “La La La,””Shots” and “Yes.”

“Sorry For Party Rocking” comes as the fourth from the record and follows “Party Rock Anthem,” “Champagne Showers,” and “Sexy and I Know It.”

“People always say that my music’s loud, sorry for party rocking,” LMFAO sings.

Check it out.