Starbucks Energy Drinks

More than 200 Starbucks stores have unionized nationwide.
AP Photo/Amy Sancetta
(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Starbucks may be going through an identity crisis, they have just announced that they’re launching a new line of energy drinks.

Wait, Starbucks does coffee right? Who knows what Starbucks is morphing into but for now they are definitely adding energy drinks to their list.

During their annual shareholders meeting, Starbucks they are going to get into the energy drink market with their line called, “Refreshers.” People will be able to purchase “Refreshers” in flavors like raspberry pomegranate and orange melon. The energy drinks will be made with infused fruit juice and the extract of green, unroasted coffee. It will also appeal to those who are calorie conscious. The 12-fluid-ounce yields 60-calories per serving and is already being carried at some grocery-store locations.

Starbucks might have the right idea. As of last year the energy drink market made about $8-billion and grew 16% last year. Consumers are have been bombarded with new products like Red Bull’s Total Zero, which has no calories.

Good news for Starbucks employees, the company is putting $180 million into building a factory and expand an existing one in the South, creating 140 jobs.

Starbucks is an innovative company and has spent the last year trying to figure out new types of products. It also continues to grow and will have a total of 1,000 stores in China alone!

In early January Starbucks was going to experiment with selling beer and wine coolers, they are also setting up to get involved in the Keurig business selling single-cup Starbucks-branded Vue coffee packs to use a Keurig Vue Brewer and they are attempting to enter the health food business eventually.

Is there anything that the Starbucks Corporation can’t do?